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Elite Training & Prestigious Awards

For Lawyers & Entrepreneurs 

Train to be the best in your industry. 

Then get acknowledged at the 2021 Legal-Entrepreneur Awards

LEAP Training  for Lawyers
  1. Learn how entrepreneurs and legaltech are reshaping law

  2. Aquire design thinking for lawyers

  3. Develop transactional law skills for transdiciplinary teams

LEAP Training For Entrepreneurs 
  1. 3 R's: rights, responsibilities, risks

  2.  Demystifying Contracts

  3. When to engage a lawyer

  4. Protect your assets,generate value

2021 LEAP
Legal-Entrepreneur Awards
  1. Nominate yourself or a colleague 

  2. Submit your entry by 30 March 2021

  3. Finalists notified by 16 May 2021

  4. Winners announced at Gala Dinner July 2021 


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About Us

Our experts are the finest

We are entrepreneurs, international lawyers, university professors, and business mentors.


Our team of facilitators include award winning designers, savvy lawyers and successful businesswomen/men who have been presenting to audiences for decades on what it takes to succeed.  Our team's capabilities allow lawyers, entrepreneurs and corporations to shine in this golden age of entrepreneurship.


The rules of the game have changed.  NewLaw is finding its feet, and entrepreneurs are demanding clarity and affordability of service.


We possess the people and the knowhow to futureproof you for the new tomorrow.

We have been recognised as winner of Westpac Bank's 200 Businesses of Tomorrow, selected by Deloitte as having the potential  to unlock Australia’s $70 billion economic potential, supporting thousands of employees.


We bring entrepreneurs and lawyers into next practice.  

And we recognise those that shine through the L.E.A.P. Awards


Client Testimonials

Ed Chung

The LEAP training brought to life my many years of Law School and inspired me to be the best NewLawyer I can be!

The LEAP training brought to life my many years of Law School and inspired me to be the best NewLawyer I can be!

Timothy Smart

As an entrepreneur designer, I learnt heaps from the legal masterclass for designers and entrepreneurs. I am now confident to read an agreement and know what Im looking at.  It taught me the right questions to ask and how to give proper legal instructions to achieve commercial outcomes.

Ranya Lewis

After Training in the LEAP Program, my firm nominated me for an Award.  I feel recognised already.  Thank you for getting me noticed by my firm!

Ellen Goldring

I was so proud to receive an award and my company were equally as proud.

My partner called it a win win 

The training helped me get there.

I would recommend everyone register 

John Chambers

I nominated myself for an award.  Never thought Id be a finalist.

It was a thrill speak about what it means to me and my business.

Jane Camby
LEAP training gave me the confidence to advise and engage clients.
Well worth the time and effort My firm appreciated me more, I was able to develop new business for them and we won an award to acknowledge my new found skills 

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